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Depend on solar energy to power your home for lower costs and energy independence.


Your business will benefit when solar energy reduces your monthly energy bills

Why Switch to Solar?

A roof-top solar panel system installed in your home will capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. One Life Solar will come out to your residence and do a free site evaluation and assess the angle and positioning of the roof, the square footage of the roof and shade cover. 

Savings for You, Saving the Planet

Installing a solar system will decrease your carbon footprint, creating clean energy for you and your family. Going solar will greatly reduce your utility costs, and increase your property value. As an added bonus, some utilities allow for “net metering,” which means you can also sell electricity to your utility during days your system is producing more power than you are using.

Naturally Inspired

We want to show you how beneficial and affordable a solar system can be. Contact us for more information on pricing and let’s start planning your customized solar system. Whatever your energy goals may be, we can help you reach them.

We have a passion for providing you with excellent service and a reliable, high-quality product.


Kat Lewis’ experience with solar began on a boat. While she grew up on the West Coast and was familiar with the basics of solar power, it wasn’t until 2018 when she and her husband (Lincoln) were “liveaboards” on a 38’ sailboat that her solar adventure really began. In Westport Point, MA, the two outfitted their boat with three 100 watt solar panels at the back, allowing them to power everything on board (except the engine!), with solar. They loved going solar so much, they ditched their noisy, smelly dinghy outboard gas motor for an electric. They weren’t the fastest cruising to the docks but they were the quietest! The peace of mind and tranquility that solar brought to Kat’s life made her want to share it with others.

Kat holds an MBA in International Management with an emphasis on Marketing Research from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. She’s held senior level marketing management positions for a variety of companies, as well as owning and operating several businesses, including Clean Air Lawn Care in Boise ID.


Amanda loves taking advantage of all the beauty of Idaho and can usually be found hiking in the foothills or kayaking around with her 3 little boys and husband. Born and raised in Dallas Texas, she fiddled her younger year away playing the violin in the Dallas Youth Symphonic Orchestra and spent her summers roaming SW Colorado. She spent her formative years in North Idaho.

It was there, at the University of Idaho, that she studied Bio-Engineering – focusing on research projects designing braces and prosthetics for outdoor sports like skiing, water quality restoration projects, and more as a lover of the outdoors. After a semester off volunteer teaching math and science at schools and IDP camps in Kenya, she realized her life callings were helping those and the environment around her and living life to the fullest.

After over a decade in the electrical and energy sector, she found her passion in solar and sustainable entrepreneurship.

She’s grateful for the opportunity to take all her energy industry experience and share solar and battery technology with her neighbors. Her goal is to help us all create a healthy environment for our families, while creating self-reliance from grid.

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